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SMARTHOST Expansion: Property Management Services Now in 7 New UK Cities
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SMARTHOST: Operating in your city


As our long-term establishment in the bustling City of London has proven to be successful over the years, we have expanded our areas of operation across the UK by introducing our services to 7 new cities.

These include:

This allows for our team of experts to provide local and international landlords with worthwhile investments and lucrative rental strategies. Additionally, as mentioned previously, we have revolutionised the way in which we conduct our services. Through our experience gained over the last year, with rules of social distancing and remote working taking effect, our methods of operation can now be carried out solely online. 

What this means for clients, whether it be in Manchester or Scotland’s hilly capital Edinburgh, is that the entire process can be carried out in a safe, contactless approach. 

Our extensive market research has proven to delineate that demand in these cities is continually growing, as many people seek to grow their property portfolios, either for personal or financial gain. Post-lockdown market activity has begun to pick up swiftly, as lockdown measures themselves have been an incentive for many to move and relocate to larger houses with greater outdoor space. 

Forecasting things over the next 5 years, many of these new cities that we are covering are expected to hold great capacity for capital growth and rental yield. Our property consultants state that this is to be a direct reflection of heightened demand and much higher quality of stock. 

SMARTHOST also caters to a large number of international investors and we will continue to support and offer the same services in each and everyone of these cities mentioned. Working alongside our trusted partners Rightmove, Airbnb and many more, we will be providing landlords and tenants with a vast selection of properties and various packages to compliment your needs. 

We have no doubt that as lockdown measures ease and vaccine rollouts continue, consumer confidence will carry on increasing and this will attract a wider reach of buyers and renters within these 7 locations.

If you are interested in our services, in one of these cities, kindly get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

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