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Our many years of experience have prompted us to discover useful tips and tricks for hosting your own Airbnb. Below you can find our best tips or book a call for free expert advice.

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Paying attention to detail

Within the stage of publishing your listing, you will be required to upload photographs of your property & a brief written description. It’s highly important to provide accurate and up-to-date information whilst highlighting unique features that make your home a special, cozy place to stay.

Luckily, our Operations team and photographer will carry this out on your behalf ensuring your listing is attractive and successful at targeting prospective guests.

Pro Tip:
Book a professional photographer


Maintain communication

From the outset, it makes a difference when a Host maintains good communication with guests. Send an email prior to their stay, personalizing their welcome and adding any necessary or helpful information about the property and the area.

If your guests have any queries throughout their stay, it is important to be accessible and prompt with responses. Your dedicated property manager will be in touch with your guests to ensure a smooth arrival, stay and check-out.

Pro Tip:
Stay accessible for any emergencies


Checking-in & Checking-out

A lot of your guests may be travelling into the country from abroad, being flexible with their check-in and check-out times will make a great difference to the comfort and ease of their trip.

We understand that not all Landlords live locally, which is why we use Lockbox key exchanges for the ease of our clients.

Pro Tip:
Invest in contactless key exchanges


Suggest things to do

As some of those who will be staying at your home may not be familiar with the area, it would be great to give some suggestions on nice places to sightsee, dine and experience!

Finding out more about their personal likes and interests will be a great way to create a personal experience for your guests.

Pro Tip:
Provide guests with maps and a list of local restaurants to enjoy


Keeping your space clean

It really is a given that no one wants to stay somewhere that is not clean and tidy. Making sure that all areas within the home are clean, sanitized and all amenities are provided is the basic essentials of running your own Airbnb.

The new strict sanitization protocols on Airbnb ensure that all our properties are regularly cleaned by our in-house cleaning team.

Pro Tip:
Be prepared for any special requests from guests


Create a House Manual

It’s important to enter details, instructions and rules of your proeprty for guests to be aware of. E.g. What is the Wi-Fi password, is the place pet-friendly?

Adding small touches such as soft blankets on the couch, lovely decorative pieces and puzzles and games are a small touch that goes the extra mile!

Pro Tip:
Save time and create the perfect manual to resend for each booking

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