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Questions before getting started


Can Smarthost create a listing for my property?
Which platforms do you list my property on?
My property is not on Airbnb, can I use Smarthost?
How does Smarthost charge?
Is there a set up or on-boarding fee to get started?
How quick can you rent out my property?
How will I know when I receive a booking?

Housekeeping and Maintenance

How does housekeeping work at Smarthost?
Do you provide fresh linen for guests?
What if there are any damages after the guest's stay?
What if there is a maintenance issue?
Can I give special instructions to your cleaners?
Who takes care of the cleaning if I stay in the property?

Interior, Décor and Essentials

Can you furnish my property?
Can Smarthost create a listing for my property?


What support do you offer to guests?
How can you ensure the guests will respect my property?


How can I find out the potential of rental income for my property?
How involved will I be in the hosting process?
Who will be my point of contact?
Are there any restrictions to the period I can short let my property in London?
What happens if a guest damages or steals something?
Is there any third-party insurance in place?
How and when does Smarthost collect the fees?