Multi-currency payouts

Multi-currency payouts

Pounds, dollars or Yen? Or even Crypto… we have it all! Our services at SMARTHOST allow you to receive your monthly payments in your preferred currency. 

This is a step into the future that allows for greater global expansion, as we are able to cater to landlords living abroad and reach new customers. 

Multi-currency payouts are highly convenient for customers, as it provides them with the choice and mitigates the risk of unnecessary charge backs. It is a feature we are especially happy to offer as it allows our company to create a ‘checkout experience’ that is tailored to a certain market and saves the hassle of things such as fee conversions.

In addition, as part of our currencies, Crypto will also be within the list of payout currencies available, as many of our landlords are interested in the field of the Crypto market. There are various benefits to working with Crypto, as seen in our blog. It is an increasingly popular payment alternative that facilities real-time transactions and supports the digital revolution taking place within our industry. 

So how exactly do multi-currency payouts benefit you as a landlord?

  • Low transaction costs
  •  Paid in your home currency
  •  Crypto payments processed in real-time
  •  Provides landlords with greater flexibility
  •  No currency converting confusion
  •  Caters to international homeowners  

The way in which we will be implementing this feature is extremely straightforward to navigate, you will firstly need to confirm your monthly report via the SMARTHOST application. Secondly, you have the option to specify which currency you wish to receive your payment in and will then receive your income within 48 hours. 

As we don’t just work closely with our valued UK homeowners, we want to ensure that borders do not hinder opportunities for international landlords and multi-currency payments is the next step forward to support this. 

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