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With Smarthost, airbnb and property management is simplified. Our experts take care of operations, so you can focus on expanding your portfolio. Partner with us and transform your short letting business into thriving successes.
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Your Projected Earnings

Our advanced pricing algorithm leverages real-time insights on short-let market, occupancy levels, and local-specific events to offer an accurate forecast of your rental earnings.

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Our track record of successful partnerships

  • Portfolio growth achieved by our partners after 1 year.
  • £75k
    Net income earned by our top partners in just under 1 year.
  • 20%
    Average guest booking commission earned by our partners.

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You’re in safe hands with Smarthost

  • Build and grow
    your business
    Build and grow your business
    Join us on a journey to success, where we work together to maximize your profits and strategically expand your property portfolio. Using our proven strategy and industry insights, we'll transform your efforts and time into a thriving real estate venture.
  • Unlock boundless business
    growth potential
    Unlock boundless business growth potential
    Our experienced Growth & Sales teams are committed to sourcing new potential properties for you, while our platform and revenue managers tirelessly enhance the earnings of each property in your portfolio.
  • Refine your business
    for a big success
    Refine your business for a big success
    Managing a rental business can demand round-the-clock attention, but with our comprehensive support, advanced technology, and streamlined systems, you can boost productivity and results without compromising your precious time. With Smarthost at your side, you're free to focus on your passions while we handle the rest.
  • Connect your team with our cutting-edge technology
    Connect your team with our cutting-edge technology
    Experience the power of our advanced technology and the expertise of our team, seamlessly managing maintenance repairs, linen, cleaning, and guest resolutions. With a track record of coordinating over 500,000 cleans through our platform, achieve operational excellence like never before.
  • Effortlessly integrate
    your existing portfolio
    Effortlessly integrate your existing portfolio
    Whether integrating one property or multiple properties, our expert team makes the transition into our cutting-edge system seamless and effortless. Fuel your business for faster growth, all without disruptions. With Smarthost, your pathway to success has never been more easier.
  • Discover the benefits of partnership rewards
    Discover the benefits of partnership rewards
    As we strive for an outstanding partnership, we advocate for earning rewards proportional to the value we provide. With a modest initial fee, refundable as our partnership grows, our interests align with yours. Operating on a commission-based model, our dynamic collaboration ensures mutual success and shared growth.

Unlock unique property business gains with Smarthost

Unlock unique
property business
gains with Smarthost

Break free from conventional property management and embrace a wealth of unique opportunities. By partnering with us, you gain exclusive access to a broad network of booking channels and special benefits tailored to enhance your business. Reach new heights and see your property business flourish like never before.
Smarthost does
  • Build international brand
  • Optimize property occupancy
  • Automate Cleaning Scheduling.
  • Manage the housekeeping App
  • Create and manage listings
  • Manage guest check-ins
  • Lead generation
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Pricing strategy
  • Manage the property database
  • Integrate listing with our platform
  • Screening and vetting guest
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Develop letting strategy
  • Create guest and property guide
  • Maintain workflow automation
  • Close new leads
Partner does
  • Carry out onboarding meetings
  • Manage ongoing client relationships
  • Communicate with our guest team
  • Daily housekeeping communication
Up-and-coming property manager
  • No property portfolio yet, but lots of ambition to build one
  • Passionate about property management and short-term rentals
  • Aspiring to join a top and ambitious brand
Skilled property manager
  • Existing portfolio with 10 or more properties
  • Solid local property management operations
  • Recognized regional or local brand

Ready to start your short let business?

Register your interest and Explore more about becoming a Smarthost Partner
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What you get from dealing with us

  • Lead generation
    With targeted market research and customized nurturing campaigns, we guarantee a consistent flow of qualified leads, warm or hot. Discover the advantage of our strategic lead generation.
  • Smart property dashboard
    Embrace the Smart version of property management with our cutting-edge tech dashboard, designed to revolutionize how you manage and take your operations to the next level.
  • Refine your business for a big success
    Embrace our tested financial strategies, user-friendly revenue management tools, and scalable pricing solutions. No matter the financial challenges you face, we've tackled them before, and we'll be here to guide you through them.
  • Access to Airbnb and partnership benefits
    Unlock the potential of Airbnb and other booking platforms to fuel the success of your holiday-let properties, ensuring exceptional returns on your investment.
  • Community and best practices
    Join our nurturing community and gain entry to our handpicked compilation of tried-and-true strategies that have achieved triumph in the holiday-let sector.
  • Finance and compliance
    Eliminate uncertainties in financial management and regulatory compliance using our all-inclusive toolkit. Let us guide you to effortless adherence to industry standards.
  • Stock option
    Unlock Added Value: Shared success, shared rewards: Future growth means stock options for our devoted property partners.Subject to terms and conditions*
  • Access to our HQ
    Smarthost HQ, where innovationmeets comfort. Whether brainstorming in our creativity-fueled room, meeting new clients,or enjoying complimentary snacks and coffee in our London head office.
  • Smarthost support
    Joining forces with Smarthost means you have all the tools necessary to operate efficiently and highly in profitable business. With 6 years of experience, we've crafted a unique approach to airbnb and property management, enabling you to focus on success.

Backed by industry-leading experts

Unparalleled expertise driving your success
At Smarthost, our teams are dedicated to all aspects of hosting and guest experience. As our partner, you'll have direct access to these experts, as well as a personal contact to guide you throughout your journey. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise in holiday-lettings.
Tailored solutions for every partner

Your needs, our expertise. Together, we'll craft a partnership plan aligned with your unique experience and portfolio size. With us, the sky's the limit for your business!

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