Cryptocurrency and the world of Real Estate

With cryptocurrencies growing increasingly popular, many sectors and websites are enabling the exchange for various goods and services. A market that has recently reaped a lot of attention is the Real Estate market and delineated below are some of the advantages of integrating the two.

Whether it be cryptocurrencies or using the Bitcoin network, these provide extremely advantageous and lucrative options for the industry. Primarily, they introduce smart contracts and a new platform for sales transactions. By doing so, throughout this process enables such transactions within the industry to be carried out significantly faster than usual.

Companies operating within the property industry such as SMARTHOST, are seeking to offer clients relevant solutions that provide alternative payment methods, that are much faster and carried out in real-time. Therefore, conducting your property transaction through SMARTHOST would present the opportunity to pay a much better rate, whilst evading having to pay the typical additional fees to third parties such as banks.

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A significant force that has driven this popularity is the Covid-19 pandemic, as this digital market offers the chance to double investments, from wherever you are in the world as it is a global currency.

Taking things into perspective as a whole, by encouraging greater transparency, decreasing additional real estate fees and heightening security, the blockchain and use of such currencies inevitably increases investment.  Consumer confidence escalates, as the need to reserve and pay large upfront fees to purchase a property would be eliminated and online data protection is at the forefront of all operations.

As the popularity of this highly innovative concept grows globally, many large businesses are taking advantage and creating worthwhile partnerships. has recently announced that it has partnered with, enabling users of the platform to benefit from various discounts and deals when booking accommodation through

Undoubtedly, many people across the world will have become more price conscious since the Pandemic, which is why such partnerships are facilitating various monetary incentives to consumers. Those using’s Visa Card will also benefit from no foreign transaction fees, the chance to get up to 8% spending cash back and free airport lounge access.

Moreover, Airbnb has also recently expressed its interest in partnering with the firm, alongside many other businesses. Discussions surrounding integrating various technologies and introducing tokenisation, crypto and blockchains, to cater to consumer demand are in the works.

With the industry remaining dynamic and innovative technologies continually reforming, there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies will be a modern trend many sectors will move towards and represents the future of online real estate transactions.