How Smarthost calculates your potential earnings

At Smarthost, we calculate your potential earnings from short and mid term rentals by analyzing a year's booking data from similar property listings in your area. This process is tailored to your property. If you provide an exact address, we focus on nearby listings, while an area input lets us evaluate the top 50% of similar properties based on their earnings.

We estimate your average nightly earnings by multiplying the average income from these comparable listings by the number of nights you plan to host. While our calculations exclude taxes and hosting expenses, they provide a clear picture of your earning potential, considering factors like your property availability, pricing, local demand, and compliance with local laws. 

This approach helps us estimate how 2-bed homes in your area, in January 2024 could earn up to 23% more with short-term rentals compared to long-term lets.

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With Smarthost 2 bed homes in Oxford, OX1 are earning up to 40% more in 2024
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Airbnb management in Oxford

Property management in Oxford: flexible lettings that earn you more

Make the most of short and mid term lets and increase your rental revenue by up to up to 40% with Smarthost innovative industry-leading management service in Oxford.

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All-inclusive hassle-free service for property owners and hosts in Oxford

Full property management solutions.

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Offering a tailored service for hosts of all experience levels and circumstances, we manage your listings on Airbnb, Booking.com, and more. Enjoy the smart hosting experience, fully managed by our dedicated in-house teams

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Ideal for homeowners who travel frequently and would like to Airbnb their homes for shorter periods or wish to stay at their property occasionally.
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Unlock your full hosting potential with Smarthost

Maximising every stay for hosts and guests

Discover seamless property management with Smarthost, your dedicated partner for Airbnb and other short to mid-term lettings. We go beyond expectations to ensure unparalleled service for both you and your guests, making every stay memorable and rewarding.
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We are an experienced property management company focusing on short and medium-term rentals. Since launching in 2016, we have successfully managed 215,000+ stays and over 1,500 properties, helping our clients and property partners earn consistent revenue and build our reputation as a reliable partner in the industry.
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Your Smart Property

Our Smart dashboard provides real-time booking insights, enabling you to track your property's performance. By listing on multiple booking platforms, you gain access to guest details, booking price breakdowns, and financial reports giving you full control over your property while we handle the management.

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Top rated by Hosts and guests

The service has been excellent, and I am earning more than ever before. I am 100% satisfied

Smarthost has been managing two properties of mine in London for nearly 2 years. I feel totally relaxed and happy with their services.

Smarthost has been a game-changer for me! I've been using their services for my flat for about a year now, and the increase in bookings has been astonishing. I highly recommend them!


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