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Dubai's top 7 Airbnb management companies
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Dubai's top 7 Airbnb management companies

Managing an Airbnb in Dubai can be simpler and more profitable with the help of expert short let management companies. Even with increasing competition, Airbnb continues to lead the home-sharing industry. Managing a home rental involves a significant time commitment, particularly when dealing with guests. If you're looking to start or already manage an Airbnb in Dubai, here are seven top-rated short let property management companies in the UAE that can make the process more enjoyable.


Smarthost is a leading Airbnb management company in Dubai, specialising in maximising profits for property developers, real estate agencies, and private estate agents through an innovative revenue-sharing model. The company expertly manages every aspect of the Airbnb process, from listing properties to guest check-out, ensuring exceptional service quality. Real estate professionals with clients owning property in Dubai will find great value in partnering with Smarthost.  For instance, referring a property that earns 35,000 AED monthly on Airbnb could earn you a 2,000 AED bonus. Furthermore, Smarthost awards exclusive gifts to honor their partners' achievements.


Houst is a professional Airbnb management company in Dubai that hpertyelps property owners maximise their rental earnings. They manage property listings across several platforms, enhance visibility through professional photography, and ensure reliability with thorough guest vetting. Supported by an intuitive online dashboard, Houst allows property owners to track performance and earnings easily. With a focus on guest satisfaction, Houst strives to ensure smooth check-ins and maintain strict cleanliness standards while boosting occupancy and profitability in Dubai's dynamic rental market.

Guest Ready

GuestReady, an established name in the Airbnb management sector, brings together decades of combined experience in hospitality and finance. Dedicated to short let management, they use advanced technology to help landlords efficiently manage their property rentals. As a full-service provider, GuestReady oversees everything from property listings to check-ins, maintenance, concierge services, housekeeping, and check-outs, aiming to offer guests a quality experience. Additionally, they provide hosts with easy access to essential property information. relating to their property, such as guest booking and revenue via a dedicated dashboard.


UpperKey provides comprehensive, cost-free property management in Dubai, ensuring stable, high monthly rents for property owners, even if their property isn't occupied. By evaluating your property’s rental value, UpperKey offers up to three years of secure tenancy, including one year of rent paid in advance. As your sole tenant, UpperKey allows you to choose between long-term or short-term rentals to best suit your needs. They handle all hosting and concierge services at no additional cost and manage all administrative tasks in line with Dubai’s Airbnb regulations, effectively lowering risk and maximising rental income for hosts.

Deluxe Holiday Homes

Deluxe Holiday Homes offers expertly managed vacation rental services in Dubai. Their carefully curated portfolio includes over 500+ fully furnished apartments, townhouses, and villas in premium locations, providing guests with an authentic and luxurious local living experience. Property owners benefit from a dedicated portal, thorough property care, and excellent revenue opportunities. Their Revenue Management and Property Management software ensures a seamless experience from property setup and guest onboarding to pricing strategies, in-house maintenance, and scheduling post-stay cleanings.

Frank Porter

Frank Porter is a tech-forward property management company in Dubai, specialising in services for Airbnb hosts. They use cutting-edge software and automation to simplify the management of properties and bookings, making it effortless for hosts. Frank Porter also offers professional photography to enhance property presentations. They provide round-the-clock guest support and maintenance, ensuring seamless experiences for both hosts and guests. This comprehensive approach allows them to expertly manage short-term rentals with ease and efficiency.

Superhost Dubai

Superhost Dubai is a local company that manages Airbnb properties. They offer a variety of services to make hosting easier, such as setting up property listings, screening guests, and handling the check-in and check-out processes. They also handle cleaning, maintenance, and interior design to enhance the appeal of a rental property. Known for their excellent customer service, Superhost Dubai ensures hosts and guests have a pleasant experience. Their approach is about making things simple and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Final thoughts

Managing an Airbnb in Dubai can be both rewarding and easy when you partner with the right management company. Each of these top 7 management services offers unique benefits and expert support to help you maximise your rental income and reduce the hassles of property management. 

For optimal income and comprehensive service, consider Smarthost. Our commitment to excellence and innovative revenue-sharing model makes us the perfect partner for transforming your property investment into a thriving success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your property management goals in Dubai.

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