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How to Find Premier Letting Agency for Hassle-Free Property Management
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What Is a Letting Agency?

Many people come to the team here at SmartHost with all sorts of questions about who we are, what we do, and who we work with. Our answers are as diverse as our clientele. That’s because we’re flexible and able to bend to the needs of the hosts we work with.But, what exactly is it that we offer? As a Letting Agency, we work with hosts and property owners to make sure their properties are being properly managed. In other words, we take the worries associated with tenants staying on your property off your plate. Instead of you having to worry about managing your property, which can eat away at your free time, one of our professional property managers will handle those things for you. People come to us for all sorts of reasons.

Most of the time, they are Airbnb hosts and they are finding that managing the in-and-out flow of guests is eating away at their free time. What started out as a fun side income stream has turned into a huge headache. They are constantly having to go in and out of their property to clean up after guests and prepare things for the next visitor. They get tenants who come in and expect the world from them.Before they know it, their weekends and free nights have entirely disappeared and have become dedicated to dealing with their property. It can begin to seem like the property isn’t even worth keeping anymore because of all the “little things” tenants ask for that take up so much of their time. Not mention exchanging keys, meeting with guests, and cleaning up in between. It can begin to make them feel like their property has turned into a secondary full-time job and it’s simply not worth it to them anymore.These hassles are amplified when a person owns two or more Airbnb properties, which is often the case. In the London area especially, guests are very demanding because they want to have an absolutely fantastic experience. If you aren’t offering great service, you are bound to get less than five stars. And, as you likely already know, negative reviews can quickly eat away at your clientele and drive your property into the ground.So, what’s the solution? Do you back out all together and give up on your property, thus giving up the money that comes along with it? That’s where SmartHost comes in. At SmartHost, we offer services that can ensure your property is being properly managed without you having to lift a finger. This means you are able to sustain your side income source without having to rip out your hair when dealing with tenants.With SmartHost on your side, you can enjoy your free time again while also enjoying the income your property is generating. Meanwhile, our professional property managers will act as the “middleman” between you and your guests. Only the most important things will be passed along to you, meaning you can chill worry-free.

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We're an expert property management company specializing in short, medium and long lets. Since launching in 2016 we’ve managed over 130,000 stays and have earned our clients and property partners over £38M in revenue.

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