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5 essential tips for stunning Airbnb property photography
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5 essential tips for stunning Airbnb property photography

Hey there, future superhosts and experienced property managers! Do you want to improve your Airbnb listing but don't know where to start? Well, look no further. Good photography can not only attract more clicks but also convert those clicks into bookings. Today, we'll go through five essential tips for capturing your property at its best.


1. Natural lighting is your best friend

The first rule of good photography, Airbnb or otherwise, is to use natural light whenever possible. Natural light can make your property look airy, spacious, and welcoming. So throw those curtains wide open and shoot during daylight hours. The "golden hours," just after sunrise or before sunset, are optimal for a softer look.

Continuing from that, when shooting during daylight, keep these quick pointers in mind:

  • Avoid direct sunlight to minimise shadows.
  • Turn off artificial lights to maintain a natural colour balance.
  • Use a tripod for sharper images.
  • Consider room orientation for optimal lighting; east-facing rooms get great morning light.
  • Experiment with camera settings like exposure for the best results.

With these simple techniques, you'll make your Airbnb property look its best. Interested in pro-level shots? Check out Smarthost's specialised photography services for Airbnb listings and reach out to move your property from overlooked to overbooked.

2. Stage your property

Having great interior design is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for turning your Airbnb into a desirable location. Remember, you're selling an experience. Stage your property to highlight the purpose of each room. A fruit vase on a dining table or a neatly folded towel in the bathroom can create a lived-in and inviting atmosphere.

But don't stop there. Consider adding cozy cushions and throws on sofas and beds, as well as art pieces that reflect the local culture. Adding plants to a room can uplift the atmosphere and provide a breath of fresh air. You can even go as far as putting out a welcome basket filled with local goodies, maps, and a list of attractions.

If you're looking to truly elevate your property's visual appeal, consider Smarthost's professional Airbnb interior design services. With our expertise, we could turn your space into a dream destination, ensuring you stand out in the crowded marketplace and maximise your rental income.

3. Pay attention to angles

Capturing the right camera angles isn't just about taking good photos, it's about telling a compelling story about your property. The angles you choose can create a narrative that either attracts potential guests or leaves them unimpressed.

Imagine browsing through property listings. The first photo you see is a beautifully composed shot that makes the living room seem spacious and inviting. It draws you in, making you want to explore more. Now, imagine the opposite—a poorly framed, cluttered photo that makes the room feel small and unattractive. Which one are you more likely to book?

At Smarthost, we understand the impact of photography on your property's success. Our expert photographers know the art of showcasing your space from the best possible angle to make your property listings stand out and attract more guests. 

4. High-quality images for your success

As we already mentioned, the quality of your images is crucial. Grainy, low-resolution photos can indicate that you're not fully invested in providing a quality experience, which can turn away your potential guests. 

As you can imagine, your photos are often guests' first impression of your property, so it's worth putting in the extra effort. If you're not confident in your photography skills, there's no shame in hiring a professional to get the job done right. Smarthost offers high-quality photography services to ensure your property looks its absolute best, setting you up for a successful hosting experience.

5. Edit, but don't overdo it

Post-processing is a tool that can bring out the true potential of your photos. However, it's essential to use it wisely. Overdoing the edits can set unrealistic expectations for your guests, leading to disappointment upon arrival.

When it comes to color correction, aim for tones that closely resemble the real-world look of your property. A subtle boost in saturation can make colors pop without seeming fake and the same goes for lighting adjustments.

Another aspect to consider is photo alignment. Sometimes, a slightly tilted photo can ruin an otherwise perfect shot. Most editing software provides easy-to-use grid tools to make sure everything lines up correctly.

Finally, don't forget about cropping. It allows you to remove unnecessary elements and focus on what truly matters. Just make sure not to crop too tightly, as this can make the space look smaller than it is.

All in all, post-processing should enhance your property's natural appeal, not transform it into something it's not. Less really is more.

Smarthost professional Airbnb photography services

Alright, let's sum things up—getting excellent photos for your Airbnb listing doesn't have to be hard. The key takeaways are to make the most of natural light, arrange your living spaces to create a warm and inviting environment, choose the best camera angles, invest in high-quality images, and keep your post-editing simple but effective.

If snapping the perfect picture isn't your cup of tea or you're simply too busy for this, no worries! Here at Smarthost, we've got you covered with our expert Airbnb photography services. Our pro specialists know exactly how to make your listing stand out from the crowd, so give us a shout and learn more about our specialised photography options.

Until our next time, happy hosting, everyone!

Would you like to elevate your property listing to the next level? Feel free to inquire about Smarthost's professional Airbnb photography services. We're here to help make your hosting journey a prosperous one.

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