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Exceed your expected earning potential with our long-let Property Management

We take away the hassle of renting your home, by managing the entire process on your behalf. From arranging viewings, managing all paperwork and conducting regular inspections, your investment is safe with us.
Sourcing and vetting of tenants
Ensuring the letting process is stress-free and is carried out as smoothly as possible is crucial to us. Which is why, we understand how important it is to source the right tenants for your home, at the best possible price.
Bespoke marketing strategies
Our team focus on heavily marketing your property across multiple platforms, to gain as much exposure as possible and to stand out against competitors.
Complimentary property evaluation and 24-hour support
Once you have signed up as a landlord with our company, we continue to guide you and stand by you throughout the process. Our customer support line that has a manager on duty is there to assist you with all your questions
Our Long-let process
Check out our competitive pricing packages and choose which is best for you, get in touch with a member of our team to learn more
Initial discussions and viewings
 At the first stages, we conduct a full client screening. Our team will then pay a visit to the property and will discuss with you the price negotiations and your legal obligations as a landlord. We will then list and market the property in order to source tenants. All viewings with potential tenants will be handled by our team.
Receiving offers and holding deposit
Once all the offers have been made and all the checks are completed, landlords will have the option to choose the most suitable tenant and confirm all the terms. After this, we will need to take a 2-week holding deposit. A ​holding deposit is​ the money that is paid when a tenant has agreed to rent a property, but hasn't signed a contract yet.
Initial payment collection
We then will collect the moving in payment, typically the first month’s rental payment in advance, depending on the terms. As well as, the security deposit.
Moving in
 Once all the Agreements have been signed and the initial payments have been received and cleared, the tenancy can begin. An introductory email will be sent out, as well as a How to Rent Guide, EPC, Gas safety, Pass the keys and an Inventory Check Form.
Maintenance services
Throughout the tenancy, those living within the property will be able to access our maintenance and  housekeeping services should they need or upon request.
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Reference checks
We ensure to conduct full reference checks for prospective tenants, by collecting proof of ID and also our team check their Right to Rent, this makes the rental process a lot safer and easier for both landlords and tenants.
Arrange Tenancy Agreement
Once all the references checks are approved and the terms have been finalised by both parties, a rental Agreement is prepared and forwarded to the landlord and tenant; Once signed it becomes a legally binding contract.
Arrange Inventory check
Prior to the tenancy commencing, an inventory check is arranged whereby an inventory list will be prepared, clearly detailing the current condition of the property and the full contents within it. A copy of this will be sent to both the landlord and the tenant.
The Rental Agreement will be renewed about 90 days prior to its expiration.
Same Day Listing
We will list your property on the same day in which we receive your Property Information Form and at least preliminary photographs before 4pm.
(Excluding weekends)

Additionally, your home should be in a condition to  be ready to accommodate guests, having all amenities necessary for letting.
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