Terms and Conditions Shareholder Agreement

The terms outlined are respective to SMARTHOST GROUP LTD. 

  1. An individual is applicable to becoming a Shareholder through the receival of Shares in the company, solely through signing up for the company’s property management services. 
  1. The individual must sign up for a contract of a minimum of 3 months and then will the specified amount that they are entitled to become available to be given to them.
  2. As part of the Company regulations and Shareholder Policy in place, the availability of Shares will become obtainable to the individual quarterly from the date of the first tenant or guests move-in/check-in day.
  3. Should the individual break clause prior to the 3-month mark, they will no longer be qualified to become a Shareholder. Each ‘period’ in between receiving shares must not be broken by the individual should they wish to obtain further shares.
  4. After the extension of the initial 3-month contract, additional Shares will be made available and the Shareholder will again be applicable to receive these.
  5. A holder of Shares in the company is eligible to offer and sell a portion or all of their Shares. This may only take place after 3 months from the initial signing over of the Shares.
  6. The value of Shares given will be determined depending on the property location, number of bedrooms and duration that SMARTHOST has been assigned to manage the property.

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