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Democratising access to property management and making recurring income a reality.
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A multifunctional mobile app, providing landlords with easy access to manage bookings, track their income and communicate with our team. An all in one solution. For all landlords' needs.

Why we are

SMARTHOST wants to increase the transparency and loyalty within current, future clients and investors. Launching a crowdfunding round on Seedrs platform enables us to showcase our achievements and future plans for expansion and transformation of the industry towards property orientated technological and financial solutions.

Our mission

Democratising access to property management and making recurring income a reality.

How we are different

Smart property solutions.
We are a digitally advanced company incorporating Financial and Property Technology solutions into our business model.
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Flexi-Switch packages.
The industry’s first flexible letting packages, that allows landlords to switch between short let and long let any time, with just one click.
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Earning while selling.
Our landlords can short-let their properties whilst we source the highest quality buyers. Offering the chance, to earn an additional income until the sale is complete.
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Business highlights

Total Bookings
Annual growth rate
8 cities
within the UK
£250m portfolio
Managed a portfolio
of around 500 properties
Commission made
Flexible payouts
Offering multi-currency payouts for landlords. Crypto-friendly.
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Our Revenue Streams

We have established multiple service lines which bring in 6 different income streams.

Top rated

By Landlords, Guests and Tenants.

EIS Tax Relief for Investors

As a UK taxpayer you will get access to the following benefits when you invest:
Income tax relief
You can claim back up to 30% of the value of your investment in the form of income tax relief.
Capital gains
If you hold the shares for at least 3 years, then all gains that accrue on those shares may be exempt from Capital Gains Tax when you come to sell them.
Deferral relief
You will not have to pay Capital Gains Tax until a later date if you dispose of an asset (any asset) and use the gain you made on that asset to invest in shares in a company that qualifies for EIS.
EIS Loss relief
The loss relief you can claim is at the equivalent rate to the highest rate of income tax you pay.
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