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A 5-star short-let

Maximise your rental income with our short-let Property Management services. Our industry experts take care of providing intelligent pricing strategies, marketing your home and even sourcing the right tenants so you don’t have to.
We take care of everything
Whether you live abroad or travel all the time, SMARTHOST will take care of everything. Starting with arranging visits from building managers and agents, to furnishing your apartment.
Reservations are tracked easily
All reservations are easily tracked from one mobile application, which can be downloaded on your phone. There is no need to log into various platforms, just one click and you have access to all the necessary information.
Flexible calendar
Even though you are renting the property on different short let platforms, you can still choose to stay in your home, whenever you may need or want to. Just notify us about your stay and we will close the calendar for you.
Our Short-let process
Our process for landlords below, highlights how straightforward renting your home on a short-let basis can be! We take away the stress, source the best tenants & maximise your return on investment.
You have signed the contract and are ready to prepare your property. Our team will help you with everything (photo-shoot, onboarding, Wi-Fi and more). You will be given several options as to how you may want to check-in your guests (lockbox, personal check-in, Keynest).
24/7 support team
After the contract is signed, you will be directed to a support team that will be there for you throughout the whole experience. You can contact them with any inquiry and they will do their best to ensure that it is addressed.
New tenants
Once the listing is created and we start to receive reservation requests, we conduct a background/ profile check on the guest. We also ask various important questions, to make sure that the guests do not hold any parties within the property during their stay.
Professional cleaning
We hire a professional cleaning company, that also does a thorough check of the property before and after guests’ stay, to make certain that there are no damages. If there are any, they will report it to the company.
Selling the property?
If you are in the middle of selling the property and are not sure if short letting is the best for you, there is no need to worry as viewings can be arranged at any time.
Step 1
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Step 9
A member of the team at SMARTHOST, will go to the property and begin the onboarding process. We will check how to operate all the appliances, such as the heating, to make the guest’s experience ideal. We will also ask you to fill in the Property Information Form, to get as much information as possible.
Shortly after the professional photos are taken, we will make listings on various platforms to attract tenants. Moreover, a detailed House manual will be created to ensure the guests’ stay is comfortable for both them and yourself.
Check-in details such as the lockbox code or the Keynest collection code are provided a day before guest arrive. Codes are changed often, to ensure that no one, other than the expected company, has access to the apartment.
Personal touch
Every client has an opportunity to make requests for the price management, duration of the stay and description of the listings.
We take care of everything
Reliable hospitality service designed to personalise every guest experience and secure glowing reviews.
Listing & daily pricing optimization
We provide same day listings 
and powerful pricing strategies, alongside daily pricing adjustments
Personal key
We greet your guests to start off their 5-star experience
24/7 Guest
Extremely high response rate to secure potential bookings
cleaning team
Housekeeping service tailored  to your needs and inspections by our hotel-trained supervisors
On-call maintenance specialists are ready to take on any job, big and small

We make sure it stands out from competing listings
Same Day Listing
We will list your property on the same day in which we receive your Property Information Form and at least preliminary photographs before 4pm.
(Excluding weekends)

Additionally, your home should be in a condition to  be ready to accommodate guests, having all amenities necessary for letting.
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We need to know if you are Selling, Buying, Letting or renting a home to provide you with the right expertise.
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