The new normal: Property searching post-Covid

The new normal: Property searching post-Covid

Prior to the Covid-19 era, many prospective buyers or tenants would begin their searches online and would follow through with an in-person viewing. 

Since the various government imposed lockdown measures in place, virtual viewings have become the number one method in place for real estate agents to undertake. 

These virtual solutions and advancements in technologically are providing essential solutions for property transactions to close while face-to-face meetings are rendered. 

Where do I start? The first step is to source a reputable agency or property management company such as SMARTHOST and request for a property broker to contact you, in order to select the specific properties within your budget and requested location. 

Virtual tours can be conducted for you by one of our agents, on your preferred video calling application, such as WhatsApp or Skype. This gives you visual experience of the interior, without comprising your safety or any regulations in place.

In addition to this, some of our landlords opt to pre-record video tours of their property, which can be selected and forwarded to you. Another fantastic interactive and dynamic tool to get a closer look and streamline the decision making process. 

Through our experience from the initial UK lockdown in March 2020, these virtual tours have revived the real estate industry by ensuring a better perception of the property interiors as opposed to conventional photos. 

This technology completely eliminates physical showing of properties and could impact the future of how the industry operates. According to Guy Bradshaw, from UK Sotheby’s “If people get used to virtual working, perhaps this could signal the end of the ‘shopfront’ requirement”. 

Looking to sell or let?

If you are looking to sell or rent your home, SMARTHOST can give you an accurate rental valuation or market appraisal through our extensive knowledge and access to technology.

Our team will work closely by your side to arrange professional photographs or videos, list your property on the industry’s leading platforms such as Rightmove and Airbnb and source a quality buyer or prospective tenant through our trusted database. 

Looking to buy or rent?

With SMARTHOST, you can still view countless properties available across the city of London. Simply get in touch with a member of our team who can conduct the virtual experience from the safety and comfort of your home.

Popular areas for Airbnb and short letting in London

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South Hackney
Stamford Hill
Stoke Newington
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Upper Clapton
Little Venice
Hackney Central
Lower Clapton
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