SMARTHOST Ranked no1 Property Management Company in London

SMARTHOST Ranked no1 Property Management Company in London

Is your AirBnB property staying empty for days or even weeks at a time? The London area is super competitive and it can be hard to break-through, but with the right advice, it is entirely possible. Follow these tips and you could be well on your way to staying booked full-time.

Write A Listing That Sells
You won’t have the chance to show off your hosting skills if you don’t have enough tenants coming through your doors. The first step to being a successful host is writing a listing that really sells your AirBnB, but don’t be dishonest. If it’s a long walk to the city centre, emphasize the quiet neighborhood. Learn to showcase the highlights of your property while putting a positive spin on the things that might otherwise turn tenants off.And, while you’re working on your listing, be sure to price it at an amount that fully compensates you for your time and labor, while also remaining competitive for your neighborhood. Consider your listing’s space, amenities, and location when figuring out how to price it.

Take Beautiful Photos
Your listing’s photos need to make the person say, “I need to stay there!” Your photos, like the listing itself, should highlight the good things. Like, the fenced backyard, the gorgeous view, the spacious bathroom, and so on. Your photos should also show off the cooking area, the new updates you have done, and the overall look/feel of your property so that tenants know what to expect before they arrive.You need to find a balance between making the photos look stunning and fairly representing your property.For instance, it’s okay to color correct so the pictures really make the house’s color pop. It would be dishonest to edit them in a way that makes the old paint job look new again. If someone pulls up to the property expecting a home that looks newly refinished and they find one with peeling paint and a delapidated feel, you can expect to already lose a star or two off their review.

Be Proactive With Questions
One of the best ways you can get more bookings is to already be answering the questions your listing’s viewers may have before they even click to send you a message. Put a short FAQ section in your listing itself, and then be ready to respond to any queries you get quickly and politely (the person speaking with you should not get the feeling that you’ve already had to answer that same question 105 times this year).

Get A Professional’s Help
Is your AirBnB listing beginning to take up too much of your time? Before you give up on this income source altogether, consider reaching out to a professional letting agency that is experienced in helping AirBnB landlords get new tenants–and get 5-star reviews! An agency will be able to take the work off your hands while still passing the profits on to your pocket.

Popular areas for Airbnb and short letting in London

Manor House
South Hackney
Stamford Hill
Stoke Newington
Lisson Grove
Upper Clapton
Little Venice
Hackney Central
Lower Clapton
Maida Vale