How to increase the rental value of your home

How to increase the rental value of your home

There are some factors that are simply out of your control when determining the value of your home, such as location. However, there are always ways in which some improvements can help to increase overall worth and attractiveness of a property!

There are two main areas within a property that can immediately make a great return on investment if renovated properly, these are the kitchen and bathrooms. Simple things, like making sure the fridge, oven and dishwasher are matching from an external viewpoint give the overall kitchen layout a much more cohesive and modern look. 

If your kitchen is a bit more dated and cabinets or countertops appear to be old, installing new hardware and durable kitchen countertops can completely revamp the space and entice new tenants. Providing your tenants with popular amenities also offer you an opportunity to raise your rental price and enhance the overall rental experience with those you accommodate. 

In regards to bathrooms, a modernised and functional space is something that all potential tenants will pay close attention to. For more simplistic remodeling improvements, getting a new showerhead or sink faucet can be a great start. A fantastic way to create space but also make the place much more stylish is to convert a bathtub into a walk-in shower. 

There are other methods to increase the value of your property without having to carry out major renovations, for example repainting the walls of your home can easily be an excellent project to improve the overall feel of your rental property. Often, lighter, neutral palettes offer tenants a fresh canvas to work with and can be a really wonderful way to open up and brighten a space. 

Lastly, the overall interior design of your space can significantly impact the general vibe and worth of the home, especially if you are seeking to let out your property as a holiday rental. A really useful service we offer at SMARTHOST is to inspect your home and outsource a team of professional interior designers within our trusted network, that can completely revamp and upscale your property. 

We understand that these tasks can often be difficult decisions to ponder over, which is why SMARTHOST’s lettings specialists have the experience to provide advice and support, throughout these journeys that landlords go through. 

Our main emphasis is to be your partners in property ventures and not just offer our services, this is done to ensure all our clients get the maximum earning potential from their investments and explore each avenue that presents itself. 

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