Hosting During the Holiday Season

Hosting During the Holiday Season

If you are an AirBnB tenant, your bookings are likely to be in full-swing during the bustling holiday season and at times of local events, like sports matches and concerts. If you keep your eye open on the entertainment scene, you can definitely take advantage of these things to help boost the number of bookings you’re getting.There’s always something happening in London, so if you stay on top of the upcoming events and update your listing accordingly, you can get a lot of buzz going about your property. For instance, if there’s a big game coming up that people are likely to be traveling to see, updating your listing during that time period to say, “Only ____ minutes from ______” (the location/venue of the event) will help you score more inquiries from tenants who may be interested in going during their stay.

Moreover, if you want to piggy-back on the added number of travelers who are in the city during the holiday season, update your listing to highlight the seasonal benefits. Like mentioning your street’s beautiful snow blanket or making note that you’re very close to local shopping. During the holiday season, you should also tailor your hosting to match. For instance, scenting your property lightly with cinnamon will help get everyone in the festive spirit of things.These are just some of the simple ways you can boost your bookings (and revenue) on the coat tail of big events and seasonal happenings. By keeping your listing updated so that it always highlights the most relevant amenities, you’ll find that your property is able to stay booked year-round with minimal marketing efforts.

People on Airbnb looking for a property in your area will sell themselves on it if your listing paints the right picture.However, while a busy Airbnb listing may be good for your wallet, it can also lead to added stress. The financial goal is to turn your Airbnb into a steady stream of income by always having tenants coming in and out, but you also have to consider the back-end work that goes into achieving this goal. Always having tenants in and out means always having to go in and clean up after them. It also means regularly updating and repairing things that go wrong.Often, it becomes too much to handle and people with popular Airbnb listings find themselves being overwhelmed. If that’s happened to you, don’t throw in the towel. Property management services could be a good alternative to look into. A property management company that specializes in Airbnb rentals can help you by taking over the hard work and headaches while continuing to pass the profits on to you.

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