Going Green: Becoming a more sustainable host

Going Green: Becoming a more sustainable host

As the world around us becomes increasingly conscious about ecology and sustainability, implementing such practices and reducing your tenant’s carbon footprint is an advantageous trend to follow.

So how can you as a homeowner or Airbnb host make better choices for the environment and those living in it? Here’s how…

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

We’ve all heard the saying many times before, however, fully implementing a recycling routine within your household for guests to follow is essential. Effectively managing your rubbish and clearly labelling allocated bins for guests to use is a great step to begin. You can even opt to use biodegradable bin liners for a more ethical solution.

Re-using certain containers or glass jars for new purposes is also a really great way to reduce waste and opt for a more sustainable option when repurposing things within your household, they can also look great and save you money!

Single-use plastic use

Another point that ties in with the above, is to make more of a conscious effort to reduce disposable plastic use. For example, for short-term stays, you can provide your guests with a water-filter jug as opposed to supplying multiple plastic water bottles. In addition, you could opt to keep reusable shopping bags and store them in an allocated space for guests to use when they need to go for a food shop, to eliminate the need for plastic bags.

Energy efficient & water consumption

Making the switch to energy-efficient homeware products can be a fantastic cost-effective move. Although they may initially be expensive to implement, the long term investment of having energy-saving lighting installments, smart thermostats and power charging stations can help to positively impact the environment.

Moreover, another method tying inline with minimising the waste of resources, is lowering the water consumption of a household where necessary. Similar to many hotels, placing a polite reminder to your guests to save water where possible (shorter showers, washing machine use and turning off taps) can help to save water within your property.

The amount of control you may have as a host might not be significant over what exactly your guests do during their stay. However, your responsibility to raise awareness and provide the various opportunities to make eco-friendly decisions is a vital step in the right direction. In becoming a green landlord or host, you pave the way for others to adopt your mentality and way of life in order to preserve the world we live in and move towards a more sustainable future.

Hosts that opt to use SMARTHOST’s property management services benefit from our eco-friendly amenities, including linens, towels and toiletries. In addition to help foster and implement the various initiatives we have in place.

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